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Remove dark patches on your hands now!

  • Do you want to achieve glowing hands without having to peel your skin ? 

  • Are you looking for an herbal alternative to traditional skin care products? 

  • Do you desire healthy and lighter look hands?

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So white moisturising combo

If any of those questions apply to you, then the So White Moisturising combo is for YOU! It's a gentle hand cream that gives your skin a healthy and lighter look.  With a serum that naturally fades dark skin patches without peeling. It's made with natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types. Dry, oily or combination skin this product will fade all your blemishes in just 14 days.

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No chemicals

This hand cream is made of herbal ingredients.

Natural fade

No peeling required, dark patches fade with use.

Brightens skin

A radiant lighter skin tone guaranteed after use. 

Cece, Canada

“The customer service is very helpful. I was able to send pictures of my concerns thru whatsApp and was told exactly what to purchase, which helped so much. I'm speechless."

Jessica, Belgium

"Finally found products that have worked for me.
Would buy again. Amazing product!"

Saffie, UK

“I have sensitive skin but my dark knuckles are all gone. Thank you this is the best product ever.!!!”

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